`Keyword.get` Considered Harmful

A bug that I made and a pattern I will use to fetch function options in the future

2023 Year Review / 行く年振り返り

A look back at 2023
slice of life

Advent of Code 2023 Days 12 and 17 Highlights

Recursion & memoization and Dijkstra's
aoc, aoc2023, elixir, rust

Advent of Code 2023 Days 15 and 16 Highlights

Elixir hashmaps and Julia beam simulation
aoc, aoc2023, elixir, julia

Advent of Code 2023 Days 13 and 14 Highlights

Binary tricks with Rust and Julia's grid rotations
aoc, aoc2023, rust, julia

Advent of Code 2023 Day 11 Highlights

Rust Goes to New York
aoc, aoc2023, rust

Advent of Code 2023 Days 8, 9, and 10 Highlights

Julia Saves the Day
aoc, aoc2023, julia, elixir, livebook

Advent of Code 2023 Day 7 Highlights

Elixir Sorting Rules + Enum combinators = ❤️
aoc, aoc2023, elixir, livebook

Advent of Code 2023 Days 5 and 6 Highlights

Annoying range intersections and easy brute force
aoc, aoc2023, rust, python, jupyter

Advent of Code 2023 Day 4 Highlights

Memoization Comes to the Rescue
aoc, aoc2023, elixir

Advent of Code 2023 Day 3 Highlights

Unleashing Julia's CartesianIndex type
aoc, aoc2023, julia, elixir

Advent of Code 2023 Day 2 Highlights

A couple of dynamic programming goodies in Elixir were used today
aoc, aoc2023, elixir, livebook

Advent of Code 2023 Started! Day 1 in Elixir and Livebook

Each year I enjoy doing Advent of Code. This year is no exception :)
aoc, aoc2023, elixir, livebook

Git For Everything

Git is the best tool for asynchronous collaboration and here I highlight an approach I took with one of my teams at a previous job: using Git for (almost) everything.

Graph Traversals with Breadth-First Search in Rust

Continuing the graphs in Rust series, an animated explanation of the breadth-first search algorithm
rust, algorithms, ModernRetroTech, video

Topological Sort: The Hidden Gem of Graph Algorithms in Rust

A new video, this time about my all time favorite algorithm: topological sorting.
rust, algorithms, ModernRetroTech, video

Monolith vs Microservices: With Elixir You Don't Need to Choose

The microservices debate is largely irrelevant when you use sharp tools for the job.
architecture, elixir, monolith, microservices

Frontend in Rust with Yew & WebAssembly: Intro and Review Video

Deep dive into the Yew WASM framework with a lot of code examples and pros & cons review.
rust, webassembly, yew, ModernRetroTech, video

How I Study Japanese

I'm still learning, but this way worked for me quite well - so sharing some tips and tricks.
slice of life, Japanese

The Birth of the R-word or How to Lose Programming Language Community's Trust in a Few Days

Let's Learn From R@st Foundation Communication Disaster
rust, drama, rant

2023 Q1 Update: First Months of Consulting & ModernRetroTech

A review of the first quarter of my indie journey.
slice of life, ModernRetroTech, consulting, AI/ML

Using Tailwind CSS with Yew (WebAssembly Framework for Rust) and Trunk

Rust is amazing for writing WASM apps and Tailwind is the best way to write CSS - let's use them together.
rust, yew, wasm, trunk, tailwind, webdev

Matching Braces With a Stack: Rust Beginner Tutorial Video

A beginner-friendly tutorial / Rust walkthrough showcasing the matching braces algorithm.
rust, algorithms, ModernRetroTech, video

Compression from Scratch with Rust: Huffman Coding Tutorial Video

A new video walkthrough that explains huffman coding algorithm and its example implementation in Rust. Features Serde, Rayon, MessagePack, and some tree traversals.
rust, algorithms, ModernRetroTech, video

A New Beginning and a New Website

A slice of life post - and some insights about how I built a new version of my website with LiveView, DigitalOcean, and Kubernetes.
slice of life, product management, devops, kubernetes, helm, elixir, phoenix

Elixir's Modularity Toolbox

Elixir is unique in the way it provides multiple levels of modularity out of the box which allows scaling your app as it grows. Here we'll look at the options available and how/when to utilize them.
elixir, modularity, architecture, functional programming

Controversial Opinions About Functional Programming

A rant about functional programming flame wars.
functional programming, architecture