Hey there. I'm Dmitry Slutsky.

I provide software consulting services / run an educational YouTube channel.

10+ years of engineering, 5+ years of leadership experience.

Focus on improving development speed, scalability, infrastructure resilience and cost.

Bridging business and engineering by tailoring product management flow.

Web & Distributed Systems (Elixir / Rust), Fullstack, High Availability

AI / ML, Deep Learning, Data Visualization & Analysis (PyData), Data Lake / Warehouse, ETL

Kubernetes, GitOps, GCP, AWS, Bare Metal

OKRs, Shape Up, PR-FAQs, Git For Everything , Kanban, Scrum, Agile

I reside in Berlin, am officially self-employed, and work remotely.


Data Engineering
Data Science
Product Management

Build & Lead a Modern Data Department

Data System Redesign to Improve Reliability & Development Velocity

User Session Clustering on a Large Clickstream Dataset

Setup Product & Project Management at a Process Mining Startup

Create a Domain-Specific Language for Expressing Complex ETL Logic in Process Mining

Prototype Scalable Process Mining Solution to Process Data from Large Clients

Build & Lead Engineering Teams and Setup Product Management at a Startup

Isolated Dev Environments & CI/CD for a Startup

Native Language Features for a BI/AutoML Platform

CI/CD for a High Availability Big Data Platform

Develop an Analytics Solution Capable of Processing Internet-Size Datasets


Setup an Engineering Organization

Are you starting a tech startup, but didn't find your CTO yet? Or are you a CTO that needs somebody to help them through the early days of the company?

I can help you:

  • Setup core engineering and product management processes (Shape Up, OKRs, Agile)
  • Architect your MVP / PoC
  • Help you select a perfect tech stack for your business
  • Help you design your engineering hiring process / mentor your hiring managers
  • Setup monitoring of core KPIs and engineering metrics.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine Learning is not magic - I can help you utilize it to automate work, make smarter products, predict business KPIs, and more.

I have extensive practical experience with both building models from scratch and fine-tuning pretrained models. Combined with my expertise in building data systems from scratch, I can help you develop an end-to-end production solutions.

Some of the use cases I can help you with:

  • Predictive analytics and forecasting
  • Image classification and segmentation
  • Natural language queries, sentiment analysis, conversational AI
  • Generative AI, anomaly detection, recommender systems, etc.
Example of Generative AI Art

Data Processing & Analytics

Running blind is scarcely a good idea. Yet, building and maintaining a resilient data system is one of the hardest engineering tasks there is.

I have extensive hands-on experience in data engineering, analysis, visualization, and science, coupled with a proven leadership track record.

Some examples:

  • I led data engineering & analytics team and a BI team as a head of data at a medium-sized company. We have dramatically improved data quality, system stability, and regularly uncovered new insights. I established unified data glossary and metrics across the organization.
  • I built a highly resilient, low latency system for natural language search, data aggregation, and data visualization for one of the leading ML-powered BI-startups.
  • Together with the CTO, I designed and built a PoC of a data system for an e-commerce aggregator startup, delivering first dashboards and data pipelines in just two weeks.
Another Generated Art

DevOps, DevEx, Infrastructure, and Cloud Management

Dev process & infrastructure automation can help you accelerate feature development, improve uptime, and limit costs.

I'll help your team design and implement a modern CI/CD automation, no-downtime deployments, provisioning, monitoring, and more.

I can build a system of isolated production-like development environments to streamline business/engineering collaboration and testing.

And, if your cloud bills are biting, I'll help you optimize the cloud costs.

This Website's Continuous Deployment Pipeline

Design & Build a Proof of Concept/MVP

When you start a new business or want to try out a new direction at the existing company, speed is of the essence. Yet, you don't want to be stuck with a PoC that you cannot develop into a real product if it verifies your hypothesis.

Using my extensive engineering experience, I can design and build a maintainable PoC for you in a short time.

I speciallize in web development, high load/distributed systems, and data systems. This is combined with my infrastructure & product management skills, so you'll get software that is easy to deploy and that keeps track of metrics that matter.

Over the years, I've designed over a dozen systems and worked for some big IT companies , medium sized companies , and various   startups in both leadership and individual contributor roles.

You don't need to trust my words to verify my skills: just check out my YouTube channel or look at my Github profile .

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Technologies I Use

Here you can find the table of technologies I have experience with.
For greenfield projects, I'll help you select a set of technologies most suited to your business needs.

You'll notice that tech-wise I have extensive experience with infrastructure, functional programming, distributed and web applications, data analytics, science, and engineering.

I'm full stack, though usually my focus is on backend / infrastructure level work, even though I have extensive experience with JavaScript and various frontend frameworks.

I'm cool with both Kubernetes and old-school deployment setups with Ansible or Bash. I work on Linux and macOS.

Extensive Production Expertise Used in Production Basic Knowledge
Programming Languages Elixir, Rust, Python, Julia, Scala, JavaScript, SQL Erlang, F#, C#, OCaml, Go, Bash, XSLT Swift, Clojure, Haskell, Elm, ReasonML, TypeScript, Ruby, Java, C, C++, Datalog, Prolog
Databases PostgreSQL, Clickhouse, Redshift, BigQuery, Redis MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Cassandra, Mnesia, Neo4j, MemSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch InfluxDB, Riak
DevOps and Infrastructure GitOps, CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, GKE, AWS, GCP, RabbitMQ, Prometheus, Github Actions Bare Metal, Serverless, Ansible, Kafka, Datadog, Gitlab CI/CD Rancher, Podman, Firecracker, Unikernels
Web (Backend) Phoenix, Rocket, Actix-Web, Flask, Play Express, Django, ASP.NET, MochiWeb Ruby on Rails
Web (Frontend) Phoenix LiveView, React, Svelte, HTML, CSS, Tailwind, SASS, BEM WASM (via Rust & Yew), ClojureScript, Angular, Meteor, Socket.io, jQuery, Vanilla JS Dioxus, Vue, D3.js, Turbolinks
Data (Areas) Deep Learning, AI/ML, Statistics, Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Data Engineering, Big Data Probabilistic Graphical Models, Speech Recognition, Process Mining Expert Systems, Recommender System
Data (Tech) Keras, Tensorflow, Pandas, Numpy, SciPy, scikit-learn, XGBoost, Prophet, Streamlit, Plotly, Seaborn, Dask, Airflow Polars, Nx, Axon, Spark, Matplotlib PyTorch

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