Hey there. I'm Dmitry Slutsky.

I provide software consulting services / run an educational YouTube channel.

10+ years of engineering, 5+ years of leadership experience.

Focus on improving development speed, scalability, infrastructure resilience and cost.

Bridging business and engineering by tailoring product management flow.

Web & Distributed Systems (Elixir / Rust), Fullstack, High Availability

AI / ML, Deep Learning, Data Visualization & Analysis (PyData), Data Lake / Warehouse, ETL

Kubernetes, GitOps, GCP, AWS, Bare Metal

OKRs, Shape Up, PR-FAQs, Git For Everything , Kanban, Scrum, Agile

I reside in Berlin, am officially self-employed, and work remotely.


Data Engineering
Data Science
Product Management

Build & Lead a Modern Data Department

Data System Redesign to Improve Reliability & Development Velocity

User Session Clustering on a Large Clickstream Dataset

Setup Product & Project Management at a Process Mining Startup

Create a Domain-Specific Language for Expressing Complex ETL Logic in Process Mining

Prototype Scalable Process Mining Solution to Process Data from Large Clients

Build & Lead Engineering Teams and Setup Product Management at a Startup

Isolated Dev Environments & CI/CD for a Startup

Native Language Features for a BI/AutoML Platform

CI/CD for a High Availability Big Data Platform

Develop an Analytics Solution Capable of Processing Internet-Size Datasets


Setup an Engineering Organization

Are you starting a tech startup, but didn't find your CTO yet? Or are you a CTO that needs somebody to help them through the early days of the company?

I can help you:

  • Setup core engineering and product management processes (Shape Up, OKRs, Agile)
  • Architect your MVP / PoC
  • Help you select a perfect tech stack for your business
  • Help you design your engineering hiring process / mentor your hiring managers
  • Setup monitoring of core KPIs and engineering metrics.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine Learning is not magic - I can help you utilize it to automate work, make smarter products, predict business KPIs, and more.

I have extensive practical experience with both building models from scratch and fine-tuning pretrained models. Combined with my expertise in building data systems from scratch, I can help you develop an end-to-end production solutions.

Some of the use cases I can help you with:

  • Predictive analytics and forecasting
  • Image classification and segmentation
  • Natural language queries, sentiment analysis, conversational AI
  • Generative AI, anomaly detection, recommender systems, etc.
Example of Generative AI Art

Data Processing & Analytics

Running blind is scarcely a good idea. Yet, building and maintaining a resilient data system is one of the hardest engineering tasks there is.

I have extensive hands-on experience in data engineering, analysis, visualization, and science, coupled with a proven leadership track record.

Some examples:

  • I led data engineering & analytics team and a BI team as a head of data at a medium-sized company. We have dramatically improved data quality, system stability, and regularly uncovered new insights. I established unified data glossary and metrics across the organization.
  • I built a highly resilient, low latency system for natural language search, data aggregation, and data visualization for one of the leading ML-powered BI-startups.
  • Together with the CTO, I designed and built a PoC of a data system for an e-commerce aggregator startup, delivering first dashboards and data pipelines in just two weeks.
Another Generated Art

DevOps, DevEx, Infrastructure, and Cloud Management

Dev process & infrastructure automation can help you accelerate feature development, improve uptime, and limit costs.

I'll help your team design and implement a modern CI/CD automation, no-downtime deployments, provisioning, monitoring, and more.

I can build a system of isolated production-like development environments to streamline business/engineering collaboration and testing.

And, if your cloud bills are biting, I'll help you optimize the cloud costs.

This Website's Continuous Deployment Pipeline

Design & Build a Proof of Concept/MVP

When you start a new business or want to try out a new direction at the existing company, speed is of the essence. Yet, you don't want to be stuck with a PoC that you cannot develop into a real product if it verifies your hypothesis.

Using my extensive engineering experience, I can design and build a maintainable PoC for you in a short time.

I speciallize in web development, high load/distributed systems, and data systems. This is combined with my infrastructure & product management skills, so you'll get software that is easy to deploy and that keeps track of metrics that matter.

Over the years, I've designed over a dozen systems and worked for some big IT companies , medium sized companies , and various   startups in both leadership and individual contributor roles.

You don't need to trust my words to verify my skills: just check out my YouTube channel or look at my Github profile .

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Github Contributions in 2020

Technologies I Use

Here you can find the table of technologies I have experience with.
For greenfield projects, I'll help you select a set of technologies most suited to your business needs.

You'll notice that tech-wise I have extensive experience with infrastructure, functional programming, distributed and web applications, data analytics, science, and engineering.

I'm full stack, though usually my focus is on backend / infrastructure level work, even though I have extensive experience with JavaScript and various frontend frameworks.

I'm cool with both Kubernetes and old-school deployment setups with Ansible or Bash. I work on Linux and macOS.

Extensive Production Expertise Used in Production Basic Knowledge
Programming Languages Elixir, Rust, Python, Julia, Scala, JavaScript, SQL Erlang, F#, C#, OCaml, Go, Bash, XSLT Swift, Clojure, Haskell, Elm, ReasonML, TypeScript, Ruby, Java, C, C++, Datalog, Prolog
Databases PostgreSQL, Clickhouse, Redshift, BigQuery, Redis MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Cassandra, Mnesia, Neo4j, MemSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch InfluxDB, Riak
DevOps and Infrastructure GitOps, CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, GKE, AWS, GCP, RabbitMQ, Prometheus, Github Actions Bare Metal, Serverless, Ansible, Kafka, Datadog, Gitlab CI/CD Rancher, Podman, Firecracker, Unikernels
Web (Backend) Phoenix, Rocket, Actix-Web, Flask, Play Express, Django, ASP.NET, MochiWeb Ruby on Rails
Web (Frontend) Phoenix LiveView, React, Svelte, HTML, CSS, Tailwind, SASS, BEM WASM (via Rust & Yew), ClojureScript, Angular, Meteor, Socket.io, jQuery, Vanilla JS Dioxus, Vue, D3.js, Turbolinks
Data (Areas) Deep Learning, AI/ML, Statistics, Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Data Engineering, Big Data Probabilistic Graphical Models, Speech Recognition, Process Mining Expert Systems, Recommender System
Data (Tech) Keras, Tensorflow, Pandas, Numpy, SciPy, scikit-learn, XGBoost, Prophet, Streamlit, Plotly, Seaborn, Dask, Airflow Polars, Nx, Axon, Spark, Matplotlib PyTorch

How I Work

So, how do we start? Depending on the project, I follow slightly different processes during the implementation/delivery phase, but in any case we'll first have a short conversation to figure out if I can be of help to you and if the project fits my schedule.

Press "Hire Me" and fill the short form on this website


Contact me on Malt / Upwork
I'll respond with a Calendly link in 1-2 workdays
We discuss the project outline, availability, cost, etc. on a 15 minutes video call
I work on your project and deliver results

Below you can select a project type and see how the process will look like in each case. Some projects (e.g., executive consulting) may deviate from this outline depending on the task at hand.

Executive Consulting
Data Engineering & Analysis
MVP Development
I send you a questionnaire / schedule a call with you to collect information
You provide the information
I design processes / suggest solutions and present them to you

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